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Hi, lovely people!

For new visitors, let us fill you in a bit on the history of our store, what we've done, and what we plan to do!

Back in 2013, we created our Instagram accounts: @reaganibach and @simplyyequestrian. We created them with no set intention or expectations- we simply wanted a place to share pictures of our horses, Apple and Cowboy. We quickly fell in love with the app, and the way it allowed us to share our version of art, and connect with those who shared similar interests. As we began pouring more time and energy into our photos, and connected with more and more people in the "Insta Equestrian Community," our accounts really began to grow. We were blown away by the immense of amount of love and support we were getting from so many other equestrians from around the world.

We've always loved charity work. Some of our favorite childhood memories are doing lemonade stands in effort to raise money for our local humane society, volunteering at rescues, and doing anything that helped those in need. The feeling we get after giving back is indescribable. Knowing we helped someone (human or animal), whether it be saving their life or simply making their day just a little better, meant the world to us.

In late 2013, we thought we'd use our newfound popularity online as a way to help out one of our favorite equine rescues. We found a local t-shirt company, created a design, and began selling them with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. The sale was incredibly successful and we were absolutely thrilled. 

In early 2014, we created Ibach Equestrian (now Everyday Ibach). We created new designs, offered additional products, and made our online store. It has been internationally successful thanks to our AMAZING followers and supporters. We have been featured in Young Riders Magazine, The Charlotte Observer, Carolina's Equestrian Magazine, and many articles online. We are still in awe of all our followers and supporters have made possible. We couldn't do it without them!  Our greatest desire and honor is to continue to inspire others to do their part in making this world a better place. We truly believe that everyone, regardless of age or location, holds the power to make a difference.  

We hope you enjoy our content, and the products we have to offer. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Madison & Reagan Ibach